Jeannine Bredeson

Highly Qualified Special Education and Mathematics Teacher 6-12
  • Abrams, WI
  • October 22, 2018

Highly qualified Mathematics and Special Education Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education management and teaching industry seeking employment as a Special Education Program Specialist. Expert in the development of specialized instruction for mathematics and special education curriculum, academic and career planning, peer teacher training and coaching, and knowledge of federal and state requirements for the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Strong education professional with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and a Master of Arts focused in Special Education from Silver Lake College.

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Master of Arts in Special Education @ Silver Lake of the Holy Family (WI)
Jun 2011 — Current
• Attended Silver Lake College of the Holy Family and graduated 2016 earning a Masters of Arts in Special Education
• Earned a Wisconsin Certification in Mathematics grades 6-12, 2011
• Earned a Wisconsin Certification in Special Education, Cross Categorical grades 6-12+; 2011
Bachelors of Science in Mathematics @ University of Texas at San Antonio
Jun 1990 — May 1995
• Attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and graduated in 1995 earning a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics
• Earned a Texas Certification in Mathematics grades 6 -12, 1995
• Earned a Texas Certification in Special Education, 2004


Special Education Teacher @ Howard-Suamico School District
Aug 2015 — Current
• Instructs and designs specialized curriculum for Career Development, Affective Skills I & II (Employability Skills), Financial Literacy, Work Program, Algebra Foundations, Independent English, Biology, and Algebra I and II for students identified with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Other Health Impairments
• Designs, implements, and leads Academic and Career Plans for transition as stated in the IEP and PTP
• Co-teaching skills delivered through teaming, station teaching, parallel, and alternative teaching
• Expert IEP writer facilitating IEP meetings and managing student programming based on academic forecasting
• Develops intervention plans to alleviate credit deficiencies and prepare students for ACT state exams
• Conducts and analyses measurement and assessment to inform the IEP team and validate the IEP goal development in the I-4LF and Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP)
• Organized, managed, and leads annual Academic and Career Planning Transition Fair for the district-wide community event in collaboration with community service agencies such as Division of Rehabilitation Vocational (DVR) and Aging and Resource Disability Center (ADRC)
• Manages, trains and informs other colleagues ( including student teachers) of new and current state initiatives and laws affecting special education
Mathematics and Special Education Teacher @ Lena Public Schools, WI
Aug 2011 — Jun 2015
• Served in a unique dual-role as both math and special education teacher
• Developed curriculum and instructed Algebra, Advanced Algebra II, and Trigonometry
• Developed and managed IEPs; Managed resource room for special education students
• Administered the Woodcock-Johnson III WJIII achievement test and administered criterion-referenced tests in conjunction with the Woodcock-Johnson III.
• Managed the high school transition program for 100% of the high school special education students
• Coordinated vocational and post-secondary education opportunities
• Advised and collaborated with other high school teachers in both regular and special education techniques and to improve curriculum and class procedures
• Worked with local employers and community agencies to establish employment opportunities
• Developed, trained, and implemented the PBIS program district-wide for staff, student teachers, students, and parents
• Managed community outreach programs for the district involving local colleges
• Managed, trained and informed other colleagues of new and current state initiatives and laws affecting special education
Mathematics Teacher @ Bandera ISD
Aug 2005 — Jun 2011
• Instructed AP, pre-AP and College Preparatory Algebra II and Pre-Calculus
• Special education-certified math teacher on staff to instruct ED/LD and Gifted/Talented math courses
• Focused efforts on improving math skills and exam prep for at-risk and special education students with 97% pass rates on the state exam
• Spear-headed and lead development of a unique cross-curricular program combining mathematics, science, and physics curriculum utilizing hands-on experiments and experiential learning
• Selected to be on district “vertical alignment” team to ensure learning objectives targeted skill building across courses, peer groups, and semesters
• Lead sponsor/fundraiser actively involved with class community outreach and fund-raising activities
Mathematics Teacher @ Center Point ISD
Aug 2004 — Aug 2005
• Prepared curriculum, instructed, and managed classrooms for AP and College preparatory Algebra classes and Pre-Calculus classes
• Instructed 8th-grade students for high school preparatory mathematics
• Developed a focused curriculum around math objective training for 100% of at-risk and special education populations that did not pass high-stakes exams
Mathematics Teacher, At-Risk @ Medina Valley ISD
Aug 2001 — Jun 2004
• Developed a specialized curriculum for at-risk students and special education students
• Instructed and managed classroom for all special education math students at the high school including at-risk (code 504) and LD/ED students
• Developed and conducted 200+ continual Academic Review Boards for individual students and included parents to ensure a clear understanding of actions being taken to provide students all opportunities for learning and meeting individual needs
• Coached and advised chess club
Professional Mathematician/Statistician @ BABN Technologies
Aug 1997 — Jun 1999
• Developed and maintained probabilistic computations and software that calculates and implements statistical distributions for Lottery games used throughout the world.
• Advised Marketing and Client Services on use of mathematical constraints for specific games
• Reviewed and validated statistical data before the production of games.
• Yielded 25% – 30% improvement on game productions for lottery ticket distributions and sales
Mathematics Teacher @ Northside Independent School District
Aug 1995 — Jun 1998
• Prepared, instructed, and manage curriculum activities for Paced Algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II • Counseled students on continuing education options based on a needs and skills assessment • Served as Taft High School Algebra I Team Leader with strategy improvements yielding 20% higher test scores
Engineering Personnel Support @ United States Navy
Jun 1990 — Jun 1998
Enlisted to support Engineering Division Officers for planning, design and maintain ship operations. Served during 1990-1991 Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

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