Taylor McCarrey

Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Austin, United States
  • June 4, 2019

Four years of experience building my private practice into a sustainable and primary income source. Over a decade of leadership experience in local community organizations, including overseeing finances and operations while simultaneously directly managing leadership groups on multiple teams. A career built on conflict management and resolution on the interpersonal and community levels.

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MA - Psychology @ Seattle University
Sep 2011 — Aug 2013
BSc - Behavioral Science @ Utah Valley University
Aug 2006 — Dec 2010


School based clinician @ Center for Human Services
Aug 2015 — May 2016
• Provided individual in-school therapy for middle to high school-aged children throughout Snohomish county.
• Worked in the first team in site history to turn a profit over the course of a school year.
• Conducted diagnostic intakes with new clients of varying ages and cultural backgrounds, usually with parents accompanying the child.
• Met with administrators to discuss amount of children receiving services, what goals they worked on, possible strategies for staff to handle problem behavior, and how many more children I could work with without risking a drop in quality with existing clients.
• Set and reported on goals regarding various cases with my supervisors, centered around productivity and client engagement.
• Consulted with other clinicians biweekly for case consultation, providing and soliciting feedback through participation in case presentations and group trainings.
• Planned and carried out educational group sessions designed for use in the community around communication styles and deficits between parents and their children.
Owner/Lead Clinician @ McCarrey Counseling
Mar 2015 — Current
• Provide therapy to adults, couples, and children from the community. Complete diagnostics and documents for clients as needed. Documentation includes concerns around potentially dangerous behaviors and attitudes, as well as therapeutic interventions in place to help with goals.
• Supervise clinicians working towards independent licensure, including advising them around career growth.
• Oversaw revenue growth of 700% between years 1 and 4 of the business.
• Increased yearly client base by 720% from years 1 to 4, with almost 50% coming from return clients or referrals from previous clients.
• Increased new clients by 470% between year 1 and year 4 through personal networking with other clinicians, word of mouth, and online interactions via my website and other websites.
• Track payments by month and quarter, on both the micro (individual client) and macro (business-wide) levels, using a self-created system.
• Report client visits on a bi-weekly basis to insurance companies to ensure remittance of funds to business.
• Ensured company compliance with various state and local licensing boards.
• Manage online advertising presence, including designing my own website content, as well as sustaining several profiles on mental health service websites.
• Provide relevant mental health assessment information for legal proceedings.
• Maintain relationships with referral sources, balancing business and personal relationships within the community.
Masters level clinician @ Arbour Counseling
Jan 2014 — Oct 2014
• Provided in-home therapy to clients and their families twice a week per client family in the greater Boston metro area.
• Established individual client and client-family goals through twice-weekly meetings centered on therapeutic interventions.
• Lead several interdisciplinary teams (one per family) designed to support each client and their family as they worked to accomplish specific established goals. Directed teams to find resources in the community to provide support and stabilization in the areas of food, money, education, and occupation.
• Reviewed progress biweekly to assess goals and the value of potential resources to the family members and clients we worked with.
• Coached team members around accomplishing client goals, as well as guiding them in career growth and development.
• Discussed implementation of services and supports for clients weekly with superiors, as well as problem-solving around issues requiring further direction.
• Collaborated with local hospitals, including Cambridge Hospital, Mass General, Boston Children’s, and the Franciscan Children’s Hospital, to triage and create treatment plans for clients who needed in-patient care.

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