Bryan Blasingame

Retail and Sales Manager
  • Austin, Texas
  • February 8, 2021
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Jul 2020 — Feb 2021
Managed the sales floor by communicating with the sales team and collaborating with their visions to create effective ways to increase sales. Delegated tasks to employees on a daily basis while allowing them to have control of their own department, so that their input is much accepted unless otherwise. Gave employees feedback on their performances when needed, as well as asked the employees to give me their feedback to improve myself as a manager. Stepped in areas when needed, such as backing up the cashiers when the check outline exceeded more than three people. Helped with load calls when the loaders needed it. As a manager, I worked with the employees at their side instead working above them. Sales Floor Associate @ The Great Outdoors Garden Center
Sep 2019 — Jul 2020
Roamed the floor and approached customers, helping them select the right plants for either the flower bed or houseplants to decorate the inside of their homes with. Answered plant health questions to my best of knowledge. Identified plants and any diseases they may have succumbed to. Care for the plants and made sure they were saleable. Help the loaders with load calls when they needed it, if and when we were short handed. Loader @ The Great Outdoors Garden Center
Feb 2019 — Sep 2019
Answer load calls which includes, but not limited to, lifting heavy objects, carry out for customers, loading customers' vehicles with bags of soil and or compost. Drilling holes in pottery. Unloading trucks in receiving.
Sales Associate @ Clegg's Nursery
Mar 2018 — Jan 2019
I help customers find the right plant, whether they're trees, shrubs, or flowers, for their yard. Take care of an infinite variety of plants. Make sure that everything is organized, clean, and weeded. When we receive transfers from other nurseries, I would make sure they are stocked in their appropriate beds.

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