Isha Desai

Research professional seeking opportunities in Biotechnology companies & laboratories engaged in Cell Biology
  • San marcos, Texas
  • October 8, 2018

I am a graduate student from University of Massachusetts, Boston with a Masters degree in Applied physics with a major in Cancer Biophysics. I have gained extensive knowledge in the field of cell-biology and biophysics while working as a research assistant in Umass, Boston. Additionally, two years of experience as a lab tutor with a scholarship in the same institution has played a major role in my student career. The most exciting and ambitious stage of my early career graph was to be chosen as a representative of India in an International bio-conference, arranged by University of Colorado, Boulder which eventually turned out to be the best exposure as a graduate student.

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Breaza Masters of science in applied physics with major in biochemistry and cell biology @ University of Massachusetts, Boston
Jan 2016 — Aug 2018
provigil to buy online Master of Science, Applied physics and molecular science @ S.V.National institute of technology
Aug 2013 — May 2015
Carrboro Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics @ S.V.National Institution of technology
Aug 2010 — May 2013


Project assistant @ University of Massachusetts, Boston
Aug 2016 — Jan 2018
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Celli (Academic adviser & Professor, Umass, Boston), Hui Liu (post-doctoral fellow, Umass, Boston)
1. Smartphone Imaging- Measurement of cancer tumor area (Pre-PDT & Post-PDT).
2. Designing MATLAB code to measure the cancer infected area.
3. Measuring, monitoring and targeting mechanically sensitive behavior in 3D tumor models.
Research Fellow @ university of Massachusetts, Boston
Jan 2016 — May 2016
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Celli (Academic adviser & professor, Umass, Boston).
The main focus of this job was to carry out useful experiments that gives an insight of the survivor of Pancreatic cancer cells even after an enough dose of Photodynamic therapy (PDT). Moreover, I have gained useful training in growing cell cultures, their treatments, incubation, passaging the cells and related cell-biology along with the theoretical knowledge in the same field.
Thesis & research papers:
1. Development of treatment strategies using PDT in cancer biophysics &
2. Smartphone Imaging- Measurement of cancer tumor area (Pre-PDT & Post-PDT).
3. Development of Cancer treatment strategies using photodynamic therapy(PDT).
4. Sub-lethal PDT-dose response in Pancreatic cancer cells.
Laboratory associate @ University of Massachusetts, Boston
Jan 2016 — May 2018
I have two years of experience in handling and teaching labs to the undergraduate students in University of Massachusetts, Boston.
Representative in an international conference @ University of Colorado, Boulder
May 2014 — Jul 2014
Awarded with a fellowship from University of Colorado Boulder, USA
As a representative of India in an International Conference Organized in
Cape Town, South Africa.
Topic: Inter-Continental Advanced Materials and Photonics with the focus on
Geometry and topology in soft matter, Optics and biological systems.
Research fellow @ S.V.National Institute of Technology
Aug 2012 — May 2015
Mentor: Dr. L.K.Saini (Department chair, S.V.National institute of technology,India).
1. DNA Mechanics and its applications to DNA Protein Interactions.
2. Design principles in Photosynthetic Light Harvesting.
3. Novel nanomaterial structure, growth electronic magnet & optical properties.

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