Jesus Trujillo

Marketing Professional with over 10 years of building deep business relationships.

For the past 4+ years I have been working at Foundry512, an advertising agency in Round Rock. I have been the primary point of contact for the 23 accounts I have worked on. I am comfortable with a breadth of responsibility that is required to be the ideal supporting role an account executive and step into that role if the situation requires.

As an Account Coordinator at Foundry512, I am directly involved with an account from proposal to personally training our clients on how to use the CRM, LMS, E-Commerce or ERP system that was built for them. An integral part of my position is to maintain the relationships between our team member and our clients; client request, timelines, budgets and managing expectations.

This position requires excellent time management, researching prowess and soft skills. I managed campaigns involving our clients’ customers and vendors to ensure an enjoyable and smooth experience that achieved our business objectives.

I have had the pleasure of working with medium to large companies in a wide variety of industries both domestic and abroad. I’m an ace at becoming proficient in my clients’ industries and maintaining focus on providing the best value for any account I work on. I firmly believe that keeping clients well informed, being prompt, friendly, and organized are key driving factors in earning the trust of an account. If your clients don’t have trust in you, then you don’t have the account.

With nearly a decade of experience in building customer relationships, I am confident I will bring the level of attention and follow through to make this great fit for everyone.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Dec 2014 — Current
• Diffuse conflict and convert skeptical accounts using Barbara Markway's Tactics to build trust and meet client expectations.
•Cultivate and maintain trust with existing clients in order to scale capacity and leverage parent holding company resources to effectively double their account’s impact.
• Introduce and guide clients through collaborative and iterative processes laying to ensure they can independently navigate team member roles and responsibilities roadmaps and internal workflows.
ingenuously Account Coordinator @ Carrousel Novelties
Jul 2009 — Aug 2013
• Reduced production cost by 8%: streamlined ordering process, modified production workflows, and upgraded key equipment. Changes were made in accordance with industry standards and in response to client feedback.

• Increased revenue by 13%: by restructuring pricing model, managed and implemented rolling out two marketing campaigns to drive: customer awareness of price increases; designed and developed collateral with refreshed brand strategy and messaging to attract new business.

• Created new internal documentation to increase partner budgets: sped up reordering, change requests, and payments . This increased both the frequency of orders and the number of orders.
buy neurontin from us pharmacy Project Manager @ WebUnlimited
Aug 2008 — May 2009
• Decreased production time by utilizing hierarchical asset structure planning to prioritize internal goals and meet production deadlines.

• Improved production and client communication from inception to final sign off: created an internal approval process that helped manage expectations and encouraged productive collaboration between Account Executives, Directors of Sales, and team leads.

• Created communication tools that recapped vital financial and budgetary elements, supported the sales team during monthly client meetings and promoted new business growth.

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