Mary Bryant

Floral designer
  • Austin, Tx
  • May 4, 2021

Cover Letter


To whom it may concern,


I am currently seeking employment in floral design to further develop my design abilities and begin a professional career in floral design. Floral design is something I have been doing since I was 15 when I began in FFA in Houston Tx and continued throughout my life as something I have always done on the side for people aware of my abilities both seasonally and for events. Some examples of my work include bouquets, seasonal wreaths, homecoming mums, multiple identical arrangements for tables at events, and various individual arrangements upon request.


As you will see on my resume, my background has been in a clinical setting which has enabled me to be efficient in complex work environments and prepared me to be able to work in most any setting. I have just recently decided to make a career change and moved to Austin this April of 2021 and am now looking to pursue employment in a vocation that will foster my creativity and encourage my passion.


I graduated from Texas A&M in May 2020 and as elective courses I took floral design classes in the horticulture department and gained a tremendous amount of experience while in those courses. Specifically, I learned about the more technical aspects and elements specific to floral design as well as their application in the floral arrangements of my creation. So I have both training and personal talent which has improved my designs as I continue to make floral arrangements in my spare time.


At this time, I would love the opportunity to be able to do floral in a more professional setting to continue to grow as a floral designer as I continue to pursue a long term career in floral. I would be more than happy to provide a portfolio of my designs for your review if requested. I would be grateful for any job opportunity available, as I am just wanting to be in a floral shop at this time for experience and exposure in the business.


Thank you for your time, and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon!





Mary Katherine Bryant

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Caetité Anthropology @ Texas A&M University
Aug 2016 — May 2020
I studied ancient cultures and their use of plants and the environment. I specialized in the study of pollen in the archaeological record. I presented my research at several major conferences and have 1 paper published as a contributor as well as a textbook chapter. I also took floral design courses during my time in college electively as I have been doing floral design on my own since high school and wanted more structured and comprehensive training to improve my design abilities.


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May 2020 — Mar 2021
Conducting screening and assessment for level of care. Intake and admission to treatment services. Conducted biopsychosocial assessment and developed treatment plans. Provided case management and service coordination as well as counseling and client education. Methadone maintenance education and assessing readiness for tapering. Monitored patient progress on methadone and facilitating ongoing clinical assistance while engaged in treatment. Created and conducted GED equivalency course for patient to obtain GED. Created multiple organizational tools for staff to utilize to monitor patient measures in the facility.

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