Molly Bombard

Experienced Registered Nurse
  • Austin, Texas
  • November 28, 2020

I am an experienced and fully licensed Registered Nurse with a Bachelor in Science dedicated to the mission of compassionate patient care. My background is in women's health and neonatal care. I am knowledgeable about multidisciplinary healthcare and skilled at maximizing comfort and safety while meeting high quality standards of both the company and clients. While my experience is in the hospital on the mother baby unit I have taken extra courses in my off time to immerse myself in the filler and injection industry. This is the career path I've been focused on for sometime. I confidently present my resume and echo my passion for quality service.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing @ University of Vermont
Sep 2011 — Jun 2016


Mother Baby Nurse @ St. David's Health Care
Dec 2017 — Apr 2020
-Evaluated, planned, and administered nursing care to pregnant patients, new mothers, and newborns
-Established great rapport with patients and their families to provide education, support and care
-Performed one to one monitoring of high risk obstetrical patients
-Responded to hemorrhages, shock, seizures, Cardiac and Respiratory Arrests according to hospital policies and procedures
-Assessed normal pregnancy and postpartum variations, high risk complications and maladaptive behaviors and provided care accordingly
-Conferred with physicians to discuss diagnoses and devise well-coordinated treatment approaches
-Delivered medications via oral, IV and intramuscular injections, monitoring responses to catch and address new concerns
On-Board Medical Crew Member @ Second Wind
Mar 2017 — Jun 2017
-Served as working crew and onboard medical personnel, aiding to any and all injury during a 550 mile push from Costa Rica to Mexico aboard a 46-foot vessel
-Managed all medical supplies on board and coordinated purchasing of aid inventory
as needed
-Saw to a myriad of needs around the clock with core qualifications including VHF radio operator, and understanding international communication protocols
Apprentice @ Bali Travel Study
Dec 2013 — Jan 2014
-Selected out of 70 for an abroad study on public and international health with 9 other students
-Developed intercultural communication skills including cultural awareness, adaptation, and empathy
-Acquired diverse knowledge about Eastern medicinal practices and healing as they relate to a more traditional outlook on medicine giving a unique contrastive perspective against my background in modern Western medicine

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