Ransome Bell

Tech Savy, Agricultural Major
  • Greenville, Mississippi
  • November 22, 2018

unpopularly I am a newly graduate student from Mississippi State University with a degree in Ag Leadership with a minor in Leadership studies as well. To obtain my minor, I worked for a new extension of Mississippi State called Farmtastic. What they do is teach kids about all aspects of farming. I spent hours for about four months making bags for the students to take home where they could learn more about farming and get them interested. I also attended a field day like activities where kids could come up and learn more about farming and what it looks like.


I had the privilege of working for the USDA in Stoneville, MS for the past seven summers. I started out on IT, working with computers and learning about infrastructure, and ended my work at the Catfish farms, learning more about how they are raised and how we can better raise catfish to provide for the world. Within all of these jobs gave me opportunities to express my ideas and grow to a great leader that I want to be. When it comes to expressing new ideas and approaches, I am very understanding and thoughtful of what my co-workers have to say.


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