Rooplekha Mitra

Curriculum Specialist - Math/Science (Remote)
  • Austin, TX
  • October 24, 2018


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Saryaghash                                                                                                     OBJECTIVE

Ph.D. in Physics with expertise in dielectric spectroscopy, characterization and product development. Hands on

experience in designing and maintaining experimental tools.  Proficient in computational & statistical modelling.        EDUCATION  

PhD in Physics, University of Houston                                                                                                  August 2015

MS in Physics, Clemson University                                                                                                        August 2010


                                                                               RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE


OTRADI– Portland, OR                                                                                                               June 2016- Present

Research Scientist

  • Design and development of the device from prototype to development.
  • Fabricate experimental design of measuring biomarkers using nanotechnology enabled electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.
  • Data processing and analysis.
  • Actively work with surgeons, machine shops, vendors and research institutions on various aspects of the project.
  • Patenting and grant application, scientific and administrative writing.
  • Conference and business presentations


Genentech, IMSAT, Hillsboro, OR                                                                                             November 2015 – April2016

Product Analyst

  • Successfully troubleshooted process and equipment issues.
  • Collected process material samples and generate a library of process contaminating materials/components using stereoscopic assessment, Polarized light microscopy (PLM), Raman spectroscopy, and Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).
  • Created drug product particulate assessment process and generate typical particulate library.


University of Houston, Department of Physics, Houston, TX

Probing Temporal Changes in Mitochondrial Membrane Potential with Impedance Spectroscopy

Graduate Research Assistant, Advisor: Dr J.H. Miller, Committee: Dr W.K Chu, Dr L. Wood, Dr D. Stokes   2010 -2015

  • Designed and constructed a novel dielectric sensor for biological cells using impedance spectroscopic methods.
  • Developed an equivalent electrical circuit utilizing COMSOL Multiphysics to study the effects of electromagnetic fields on mitochondria.
  • Implemented an optimal experimental process flow and implemented effective strategies using statistical process control methods to design cellular devices.
  • Quantified mitochondrial impedance by designing an integrated Bio-MEMS chip with two and four electrodes arrangement of gold on SiO2/Si substrates.
  • Developed a data acquisition system to Analyse and monitor Cyclic Voltammetry of electrochemical capacitors using LabVIEW.
  • Fabricated and characterized the biochemical assay lab-on-a-chip with the use of BioMEMS (micro-electro mechanical system) techniques for the assessment of cellular energetics, particularly for mitochondrial membrane potential using photolithography, spin-coating and scanning microscope technologies.

Clemson University, Department of Physics, Clemson, SC                                                                                      2007-2010

Understanding the role of electrostatics on protein-protein binding

Research Assistant, Supervisor: Dr Emil Alexov

  • Formulated codes using Python and Perl for computational analysis of bioinformatics data from proteomics experiments to extract sequencing information.
  • Applied multivariate statistical analysis using R and Origin to correlate conformational binding sites of proteins.
  • Inferred pH dependence of binding free energy of proteins using Multi-Conformation-Continuum-Electrostatics (MCCE) program.

Georgia State University, Department of Physics, Atlanta, GA                                                                               2006-2007

      Visiting Research Assistant, Supervisor: Dr Gary Hastings

  • Applied spectroscopic and molecular biological methods using FTIR to probe the structure and function of the redox centre kinetics and yields of electron-transfer reactions and chemistry of water oxidation in photosystem II.
  • Executed scripts in Matlab to compute spectra from 2D correlation spectroscopy.

LaMartinere School/Calcutta International School/Loreto College, Kolkata, India                                               1998-2006

Lecturer, Physics




  • Probing temporal changes in mitochondrial membrane potential with impedance spectroscopy, R.C. Mitra, M. S. Villagrán, J.H. Miller (J Biosens Bioelectron 2017, 8:2DOI: 10.4172/2155-6210.1000242)
  • Analog and digital models in hypoxia signalling pathways, R.C. Mitra, M. S. Villagrán, J.H. Miller Asian Journal of Physics, ( 23, No 5 (2014) 815-832)
  • Analysing and predicting protein binding pockets, R.C. Mitra, E. Alexov, In Silico Lead Discovery”-Bentham Science, 2011
  • In silico modelling of pH-optimum of protein-protein binding, R.C. Mitra, Z. Zhang, E. Alexov, Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 2011, 79(3), 925-936(DOI: 1002/prot.22931)
  • Calculating the protonation states of proteins and small molecules: implications to ligand-receptor interactions, R. C. Mitra, R. Shyam, I. Mitra, M.A. Miteva, E. Alexov, Current Computer-Aided Drug Design, 2008, 4(3), 169-179




  • IEEE Conference on point-of-care medical devices at NIH campus Maryland -2017

Talk title: Nanotechnology Enabled Primary Care Diagnosis For Lyme Disease

Authors: Shalini Gautum, R.C.Mitra, Dr. Tom Barrett

  • Oregon Bioscience Showcase: Company Pitch Showcase- 2016
  • 49th Semiannual TcSUH Fall Student Symposium, May 05, 2015, Houston, TX

Talk title: Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy to Detect a Biomarker Specific to Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Authors:  R.C. Mitra, M. S. Villagrán, J.H. Miller

  • APS March Meeting, 2015, March 02-06, 2015, San Antonio, TX

Talk title: Use of Impedance Spectroscopy to probe changes in Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

Authors:  R.C. Mitra, M. S. Villagrán, J.H. Miller

  • 76th Annual Meeting of Southeastern Section of APS, November 11-13, 2009, Atlanta, GA

Talk title: Modelling Ionization Events induced by Protein Protein Binding

Authors:  R.C. Mitra, R. Shyam, E. Alexov

                     Key AchievEments & COMPETENCIES



·  TcSUH Student Travel Award, 2015   ¨        Problem Solving & Process Development ·  Doctoral Student Fellowship, University of Houston, 2010-2015

·  Research Fellowship, University of Houston, Dep’t of Physics, 2014-2015

·  Teaching Fellowship, Dep’t of Physics, Clemson University, 2007-2010

·  Visiting Fellowship to International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy 2002-2003.   ¨        Equipment Maintenance & Troubleshooting

¨        Strong team leadership, project management experience

¨        Collaborative working expertise across diverse research areas

¨        Proven organisation and presentation expertise

¨        Mentoring of Undergraduate students



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